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Personal Training

Individualized exercise programs designed around your specific fitness needs and goals. We work with clients of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re 70 with a recent hip replacement or 17 and trying to run a faster 400 meter dash, you’ll be given a plan to reach optimal performance.


in and around home

Some clients have home gyms or fitness facilities available within their housing development. We will develop a solid workout regimen that can be carried out within the confines of your living arrangement.


at Mookshi

Personal training sessions conducted in the Mookshi yoga studio. Examples of some of the equipment used in this setting:

  • Resistance bands
  • BOSU ball
  • Dumbells
  • Exercise bench
  • Half foam roll
  • Gliders 

park exercise


May - November in Frick or Highland Park

All you have to do is show up. I’ll bring all the equipment. Whether you’d like to do trail sprints, burpees in the grass, or strength and balance training we will design a program specific to your fitness goals that can be carried out in one of Pittsburgh’s beautiful parks.

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Training programs

These can be a one time session meant to instruct clients for home exercise or scheduled regularly. Below are some examples of the exercise programs offered. We can do a combination of these exercises or develop a program entirely unique to your goals.

Available in 30 or 60 minute sessions.


core strength

This program focuses on strengthening abdominal muscles. Core strength is vital for spinal support and optimal function and performance of both upper and lower body exercises. Critical attention is given to maintaining perfect form so low back injuries don’t occur and the correct muscles are targeted.


stability and balance

Important from 9 to 90, stability and balance training enhances proprioceptive ability (knowing where our body is in space). From the high school track sprinter to the elderly man looking to prevent falls, stability and balance training can benefit everyone. Improved balance can enhance athletic performance, prevent injury, and increase coordination in everyday life. From balancing on one leg to performing single leg squats, this program will challenge your balance and ultimately enhance your stability.


strong back

Sit up straight! Get your shoulders out of your ears! Any of this sound familiar? Weak back muscles (specifically upper back) have been linked to poor posture among many other issues. This program focuses on strengthening commonly weak back muscles such as the lower trapezius. Improved posture through strengthened back muscles improves activities of everyday life such as driving, working on a computer and even walking.


strong hips

Weak hips have been tied to back pain, knee pain, and a variety of other musculoskeletal issues. “Hips” is a broad term usually used to describe the gluteal muscles. However, the hips are comprised of numerous non gluteal muscles such as the flexors in the upper thigh region. This program takes a comprehensive approach to hip strengthening by addressing anterior and posterior anatomy as well as the smaller intrinsic hip rotators. This program is perfect for you if you know you have hip weakness.


injury free runner

Runners World lists the some of the most common running injuries as: shin splints, plantar fasciitis, ITB syndrome, and runner’s knee. This program focuses on a core group of exercises and stretching that can help prevent these injuries. While no guarantees can be made that a runner will remain injury free, this program gives runners the upper hand in potentially preventing injury. Some runners in this program even experience the disappearance of minor running related aches and pains (not injuries). At the very least, runners feel stronger and generally notice performance improvement.